february  2019 Bonito will be bred to Kayenta

info and sales : Ellen & Dave at :                         royalmalisbelgium@gmail.com

BONITO    IPO 3, VPG 3, FH 1 is a ZODT son and a strong and powerful working malinois. He has a natural hard grip and qualities a real malinois needs. He has a very dominant character and uses this in his work very well. He performs each exercise with very high drive and good spirit.

he is showing all the ZODT characteristics.

since Bonito passed away, stored semen will be used

Kayenta is a big size female, stunning looks, very dark colored  !

trained but not trialed in belgian ring

working security dog


breeding jan 27 th :

Qazan x Carice from the Best Heath

info and sales : Ellen & Dave               royalmalisbelgium@gmail.com

Qazan is the son of Churchmount Jurko, 2 consecutive years belgian ring champion , and Nierlenders Kayenta, security dog and proven producer

Qazan is a very intense dog with high civil drive and super grip

he is a young high potential prospect and has already produced a few litters

Carice is a super high drive bitch with an extraordinairy prey drive

she is one of the few FCI females with PH1 certification in the world !!

she has had one litter before producing intense pups with super grip

needless to say we are very excited about this breeding


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